Sel and Gol

So this arch overlaps worlds and it bridges the gap between realities. What’s underneath it though? Well, nothing, the end of all stories. A bleak land of white washed energy. Absence of good and evil. That’s where he’s from!

Sel comes from the crack in the sky. The endless void the exists beneath the Marble Arch into another world. There are billions of realities, spiraling backward from the core. At the core is Sel’s Mother, The Highest Host. She sustains it all, man. She sustains everything. She is the beating heart of existence. Without Her, we’re finished.

We live in a world that we see from our perspectives, look beyond. I urge you, please. Just look past what you see. Look up and see the Rainwalker watching us, see the ships that travel in and out of light speeds above our atmosphere. See the demi-gods and demi-goddesses that do battle in the skies just above our heads. Go to Manhattan and witness Sel battle Gol above the rooftops.

Look deeper, think harder. Everyday life? Well, man, it’s an illusion.

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