Laughing Loosely, and Liberally

I had a costumer today that stumbled through all of our pastries and asked what each one was. She even asked what a ‘scone’ was. She wasn’t even that young really, nor was she one of the trashy rich chicks that hang out with the pretty boys that don’t speak a lick of the King’s English.

Whenever a costumer comes in like that it’s just so random, cause most of our clientele know what they’re getting, even the stupid little teenagers. She stopped making coherent sense after a while and started to ramble about this new Walmart that was being built that didn’t have a gas station. I was genuinely interested cause I didn’t know Wally Worlds had gas stations. I haven’t been to one in a long time. She was talking about a long line that ran around this Magical Walmart on the Mount. My coworker who is pretty tall was crouched down laughing behind the bar and the sight of him losing it made me border on cracking up myself. All those years of theatre I took while in high school actually became sort of useful in that moment.

As soon as I finished ringing her out I walked straight into the back room and just fell over laughing. My coworker joined me and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. I don’t think I have laughed that much in ages, and it felt almost surreal since I’m usually pretty quiet. I literally had tears from laughter which is something I don’t think I’ve achieved before.

It felt really good to laugh though. Like an old friend that I’ve missed. A familiar smell. Odd.

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