Communication Error

Man, no one really talks anymore.

No, I’m not a stuffy old shirt with a clenched fist to the youth, I’m serious. When was the last time you called someone, or may the gods forbid, wrote a letter? All this texting and tweeting, it makes my head hurt. I don’t text, not anymore at least. I used too, way too much. Now the way I see it is this; if a chap wants to get in-touch with you, let the fucker dial a number. I shouldn’t be a click away, I’m a human not a homepage.

It just seems like there exists no filter between brain and mouth. We, as a culture, document every thing we do; every blasted thing. Do I really need to know that my neighbor’s new girlfriend, Amy, is psyched for her spa trip? Do I give a shit? Does Little Amy’s feverish trip to the spa and subsequent massage, really hold an iota of meaning in my life? Sure, I may sound cruel, but I’m being completely honest. It sickens me to see this society become a bunch of introverted little wretches that don’t think anymore. I may be sounding a bit harsh, but I say this with a lot of love. How can we have another Shakespeare, when all Billy would be doing is tweeting to Laura?

Since giving up a phone and all the likes, I’ve heard from a severely decreasing number of friends. Since I’m not a click away, I cannot be reached. Sure, I blog and I (sadly) Facebook, but I guess I’m utterly unreachable. That is, to be quite frank and honest, fucking sad. I mean, that’s what technology has given us, weak minded individuals that need to be gratified instantly. No one works for anything, no one sits down to write. Gods forbid someone purchases a film instead of torrenting the bugger. It has to be instant. Everyone wants to be profound, but can’t find anything profound around them.

They all want to be an artist, that’s the name of the game these days. Everyone thinks they can write, and everyone thinks they can paint, and everyone thinks they have some kind of genius. It’s just how it goes. Sadly, less than 20% of those folks actually produce anything worthy of the label “Art”. I mean, shit, I’m no artist. I never really said I was; I wouldn’t mind being called one, but I don’t believe I am. No sir. So all these kids with their noses stuck in their flip phones need to take a peak at the setting sun once in a while. Maybe, and just maybe, they can create the “Art” everyone is always hammering for. I sure fucking hope so.

Hey, I’m to blame as well. I’m here, blogging away in my self aggrandizing need to be heard. Still, my point is valid.

No one even talks anymore. Who needs to anyway?


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  1. fantastic post Heck. I agree on all points.
    I have managed to resist the lure of facebook and twitter for all these years. And in doing so, I seem to have alienated myself from long time friends. Because you are absolutely right, no one talks anymore. It seems by choosing not to take part in ‘social networking’ that I have completely removed myself from society all together. Which is fucking mad! We’re all becoming out of touch and human interaction and communication in general is degrading into something very different than what it used to be… as I type away on my keyboard to someone I’ve never met. 😛
    Madness I tell you, madness!
    And on the subject of art, you’re right. And I’m sure I have referred to myself as an artist at one time or another, but what i do is far from profound… so i may reconsider, the next time I’m tempted to label myself as such!

    • Thanks man!

      I applaud you for resisting ‘The Almighty Book of Faces’, it’s really just a useless vehicle of self-exploitation. I use it, and hate doing so; I guess I’m my own worst enemy? We’re all becoming cyborgs, attached to our little devices and constantly tuning into a collective knowledge. It’s weird, and just all around strange. I totally feel like I’m disconnected from society and it’s mainly due to my disdain for all these degenerating activities such as ‘texting’. It’s fucking ridiculous how people can go through an entire career of schooling, and sometimes University even, and come out without a lick of spelling abilities. This is almost directly tied, and maybe I can whip up another post on that subject. You ever feel like we’re all becoming ‘ghosts’ in this technological age? Funny how we can relate occurrences without knowing one another, and yet those around are all but lost. I guess the plague is spreading. Total Madness! 😛

      Well, you’re strips are good entertainment! They may not be profound things, but does everything need to be profound? Charles Schultz wasn’t really profound, but I still love everything he did. I think the problem with the label is that those who use it tend to use it without having anything to show. Next time someone tells you they are an artist, say “SHOW ME SOMETHING, GODDAMN IT!” 😉

  2. “You ever feel like we’re all becoming ‘ghosts’ in this technological age? Funny how we can relate occurrences without knowing one another, and yet those around are all but lost.”

    Wow, you nailed it. I left a post on the CCW threads a while back stating something to this effect. I mentioned how I was finding more and more that I seemed to have more in common with the people I was anonymously chatting with on message boards, than I did with my own friends. Which is a bit sad and a bit strange. You wouldn’t think that there is much difference between facebook and message boards, but I find with every picture i see of someone “gettin’ drunk this weekend!” or stating every trivial little thought that happens to pass through their vacant skull, “Bob is hungry, gonna’ make me a samich!” just makes me want to have less to do with that person.
    Where, the people I’ve met on certain boards, such as yourself, seem to ACTUALLY have something intelligent to say! It’s fucking amazing!
    So the same technology I’m resisting that is pushing me away from actual flesh and blood friends, is in turn bringing me closer to my unseen “ghost” friends, turning me in to a cyborg, or “ghost in the machine” as well… fucking madness is right! I guess this is just where we are headed… a collective consciousness all plugged in to the same twisted hub of information.
    All because “no one uses the phone anymore.”

    • I can’t agree more, man. Every time I read a lame status about some dude taking a shower or making a sammmich, I just don’t want to know them. Technology was supposed to improve our lives and spread an evened out democracy. What has it done? It’s made everyone into uninteresting zombie ‘tweeters’. Most of my ‘real life friends’ are zombies. I don’t want to know zombies. Yet, us ‘ghosts’, I feel more of a connection towards. Being able to talk to you about this, and share our views…that’s what the point of it all is. That’s why technology has become vital, because all the humans around us our goddamn cyborgs.

      I miss the idea of meeting folks for a cup of joe, and the like. I mean, those rare occurrences are only historic now. I have to run for miles to find another human that doesn’t have a nose buried in a cell phone screen. I guess, that’s the new ‘Holy Grail’; really honest to goodness communication.

      Fucking madness!

      • Dude, you just gave me a great idea for a comic involving Zombies, cyborgs and ghosts 😛

      • Can’t wait to see it evolve! 😛

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