Brand New Colony

You ever wonder if you have a place out there?

I guess we all go through a stage like that. We question ourselves and our stance on lively errands. What’s your religon? Political ideals? Morals? Etc. Etc. All that silly stuff that makes up our existance.

I propose a ‘Brand New Colony’. A place where everything and everyone is accepted and their flaws are a social norm. Just quite simply a place where we can all worship the Mother in peace. I would not dare call it Utopia, that suggests that this “colony” is perfect, and nothing is perfect. However, I assure you it’s a place that exists in our minds. A place we can go to and a place that will accept us all.

Why atest to beings that aren’t there, or politcal figures and nations that could give a fuck if your breathing? Enter a state of mind where you are perpetually glad to be alive.



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  1. When I am in an extremely downcast mood and trapped in public, I may briefly think of one imaginary place. I was at the time having a nightmare, but the scenery was so pretty my mind chose to disregard the context.

    There was a field on the edge of an incredibly beautiful forest. The forest contained a small creek with a wooden bridge over it. It somewhat resembled a nature preserve I occasionally visited.

  2. dude, i didn’t even know you had a blog, until i accidentally clicked on your gravitar!
    Anywho, i would gladly join you in this brand new colony!

    • Thanks for reading man! I hope to start posting more soon.

      You’re more than welcome in the ‘Brand New Colony’ 😀

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